Always on the lookout for the best content strategies being executed by brands the world over, we happened to stumble upon Samsung Mobile USA‘s Facebook page. As much as most of us really like their products and after services, we found their page to be nothing short of boring in an interesting way! Interesting, because their page gives a new meaning to personal touch. And the result is what every marketer looks forward to for their brand – engagement. Lots and lots of engagement.

Boring, because it’s far too human. Here’s a comprehensive look at their content strategy to get our point across.

The ‘Human’ Touch  

The marketers running this page firmly believe in tying back the roots of all their posts to the being ‘relatable’ rather than sounding too pushy for sales.

Images are the most shared content type across all social platforms and Samsung seems to be leveraging from the same.  Although these are mostly product shoots and don’t feature real consumers, their images always gain a lot of likes, shares and comments because of the vibe they create. Something you’ve been aiming at too?

Let’s take a look at how Samsung leverages the most from images.

1. Indirect Promotion

Most of their images posted on Facebook contains their products, although done in an indirect way, it is still an obvious form of promotion that’s done in a smart way. Isn’t this an interesting way to tell their community how good Samsung’s camera is?

Need another example of promotion? Have you seen Samsung’s cool wrist gear?

2. Keeping Up With Events

Samsung sure doesn’t skip a beat and with FIFA going on, there was just no chance they\’d lose out on a good conversation with their people.

Even though the share rate of links is just about 9%, it’s always a good idea to direct your customers in the direction of the action you want them to take rather than having to fend for themselves. An interactive promotional post along with a link could work magic.

Apart from their regular posts, we found the following things incorporated on their page, very engaging:

  • Guide To Galaxy: Now they have a huge range of gadgets under the name Galaxy and many might get confused about how they could make the most out of the one they use. This guide lets you choose the device and gives you a step by step accordingly.
  • Owner’s Hub By Samsung: This for all those who own a Samsung product. Just like memberships, the hub offers its members discounts, invites to events, etc.  
  • Samsung Upgrade: Looking for a software upgrade for your device? You\’ll find them all here. Not just find, but also be notified of an upcoming upgrade.
  • Samsung Events: Love attending promotional events? Be notified of the events that interest you using this.
  • Customer Service:  Difficult to get through their help lines? Here\’s another way of availing customer services. All you need to do is fill up a short inbuilt form and submit.

The Big Question  

If you’ve read the post thoroughly, we\’re sure you noticed a pattern here. The company that rolls out most of its products with a ‘Designed for Humans’ or ‘Designed for Life’ slogan, seems to be taking it too seriously with the human dominated posts. Not that we’re complaining; these posts are driving in a lot of engagement for Samsung, and that’s the end goal of every strategy a marketer works on.

But what comes off from this post is the big question that if a boring content strategy like this could work wonders, why the hell have we been spending hours trying to create different posts every time?

Do people tend to connect more with content that reflects them? Is this a strategy that all brands could adopt? We’d love to know your take on the same.