Uncover real-time audience insights with social listening and monitoring

Stay on top of millions of customer conversations with Radarr’s social listening and monitoring tools to extract business-critical insights, identify industry trends and improve brand health.

The social listening and monitoring tool
trusted by leading brands

The social listening and monitoring tool
trusted by leading brands

Instant analysis of millions of online conversations across social media and other digital platforms is now possible.

The Best Sentiment Analysis in the world with comprehensive NLP for Asian Languages

Leverage our advanced sentiment analysis capabilities, driven by cutting-edge NLP technology, to gain unparalleled insights into Asian languages and optimize your business growth strategies.

Connect your
key social channels

Get started with social listening by connecting your profiles and pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and other popular platforms to Radarr.

Add the key words and topics you want to listen to

Stay on top of the latest industry trends and build a content strategy based on real-time insights.

Stay on top of all conversations with
ONE Feed

Radarr brings all online conversations from different digital platforms onto one dashboard, making it easy to browse through and identify what your audience is talking about. 

Get actionable business and
audience insights

From brand health, share of voice, ongoing and upcoming trends, competitor benchmarking, audience insights, industry gaps and opportunities, Radarr highlights them all for you. 

We specialize in Asian languages and colloquialisms including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Melayu, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and more.

Optimize your strategy and stay ahead of the curve

Use social listening insights powered by AI like Virality & Impact Score, Top Topic clustering and Product Attributes to optimize your marketing, advertising, sales, and branding strategies for a positive impact on business growth.

Create captivating campaigns with
image analytics

Understand how your target audience responds to different campaign creatives using image analytics. Identify visuals, colors and other elements that stimulate a positive response to your campaigns.

Why use Radarr
for listening and monitoring?

Our social listening and monitoring tools use artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms to offer:
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Audience and consumer analysis
  • Campaign analysis
  • Benchmark competitors
  • Identify and predict trends
  • Discover influencers
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Track brand health and performance

Additional Resources

Learn all about social media listening and monitoring with articles and how-to guides created by our in-house experts.

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Access deep insights into how your “owned media” is performing across various social media channels


Keep your audience engaged with timely responses to positive and negative conversations.


Manage your social media accounts with ease using a powerful publishing and scheduling platform.

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