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A list of videos available on the platform is given below. All videos are now free to use after logging in.

101.1 Social Analytics An Overview
We’ll cover how businesses use social analytics, how it fits into the greater organization, and how you can choose a social listening tool. Social media is a place for you to share content, but how do brands really leverage it?
101.2 Social Monitoring vs Social Listening
Social monitoring involves watching and keeping track of three types of channels: paid social content, our own social platforms, and even earn social content; social listening involves gathering data and extracting insights from organic brand mentions and people organically sharing an opinion about your product.
101.3 Why is Social Listening Important
Social listening and social analytics are important because there are 3.96 billion active people on social media today and the number is increasing exponentially. We’ll be sharing a few case studies to help you understand why social media is so important for your brand when it comes to purchasing a product, people no longer just rely on advertisements.
101.4 How Do Social Listening Tools Work and Choosing a Social Listening Tool
Social listening tools are like search engines that display different results and mentions of a particular brand.
101.5 Platform Demo
In this video, we will walk you through our platform.
101.6 Introduction to Social Analyst
In the previous part we talked about what social analytics is, what social listening is as compared to social monitoring, why is it important, what are the use cases and also deep dive into the tool that we use which is Radarr to look at the conversations happening online.
101.7 Objective Setting
In our last video, we talked about the steps that are required in order to become a social analyst and in this video we’re going to be discussing objective setting. Start with why and outline the steps to get there once you have a why and an idea of the direction you’re getting at, then implement the specific case for execution.
101.8 Research Design
In the second part of our a to z of social analyst course, we’ll be talking about research design, and how your objective initially can lead to the selection of design that you want to do before embarking on the research.
101.9 Boolean Configuration
After doing all the groundwork in the previous two videos, we’re finally ready to get our hands dirty and do some data collection with boolean configuration so the first building block is the keywords, which are the specific terms that you’re interested in when it comes to social media posts.
101.10 Data Optimization
Now that we’re done with boolean configuration and have all the data settled into our social listening platform, we need to perform some data optimization so that the set that we will be using for analysis will be as relevant and clean as possible.
101.11 Data Analysis
We’re finally at the final section of our a to z of a social analyst series which is data analysis right we’ve come a long way from the start from setting an objective coming out with the research design cleaning up the data and now we’re finally able to come up with some actionable insights.
101.12 Qualitative Deep Dive
In our last video we spoke about how social listening platform can help us with qualitative insights and in this video we’ll be showing you how a social analyst can deep dive into these emerging teams and come up with specific insights that will be able to fit back into the initial objectives


201.1 Introduction to Booleans
In this video we will be going through the course 201 Boolean Mastery where we are going to be teaching you the basics and fundamentals of booleans and how you can create your very own Boolean.
201.2: Boolean Preparation Process
Sonia is a social listening analyst at Adidas who needs to plan for Adidas Valentine’s Day campaign this year so she needs to identify conversation themes and Trends regarding the event so she needs to create a Boolean to track online mentions about Valentine’s Day.
201.3: Preparing Booleans For Different Use Cases
In the last part of the 201 Boolean Mastery course, we’re gonna show you how to prepare booleans for different use cases, including industry and markets transporting consumer and audience insights brand and campaign tracking and crisis monitoring.






301.1 Social Analyst Overview
In this module we will be taking you through the A to Z of a social analyst, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, in size generation, making sense of quantitative and qualitative analysis, and finally a few tips and tricks for social listening reporting.
301.2 Quantitative Analysis
For part two of the data analysis and in size generation module we will be looking at quantitative analysis social media metrics and a bonus section on search analysis.
301.3 Qualitative Analysis
In part three of the 301 data analysis and insert generation module we’ll look at qualitative analysis in Social listening we’ll show you a couple of widgets that you can use in qualitative analysis and we’ll also show you the steps on how to deep dive into qualitative data.
301.4 Insights Generation: Making Sense of Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
In part 4 of the 301 data analysis and insert generation module, we’ll look at the five W’s to interpret the previous quantitative and qualitative analysis.
301.5 Tips and Tricks for Social Listening Reporting
We have come to the last part of the 301 data analysis and inside generation module tips and tricks for social listening reporting in this section we’ll give you a few best practices of how to build your report so what charts to use and also some top things to note when preparing your slides.


401.1 Brand Monitoring
Ever wonder how your brand is doing? What are the areas that you are doing well and what are the areas that you are weak at? Radarr can help you with just that!
401.2 Campaign Tracking
If you are wondering how your campaign is doing on social media, worry no more! In this video, we will enable you to measure the value that your campaign resulted in for your brand.
401.3 Managing a Crisis
Going through a crisis? Do not worry we are here to help! There’s no reason to panic. In this video, we will cover how you can closely monitor the crisis and how it develops so you can quickly nip it in the bud.
401.4 Trend Analysis
Learn how you can utilise Radarr to analyse and get ahead of social media trends. We will equip you with everything you need to sport a trend and stay relevant to your audience.
401.5 Competitor Analysis
Learn how you can use Radarr to stalk your competitors. See how you compare with them across Reach, Engagements, Volume of Conversations. Analyse how you fare against competitors with metrics that matter!