Boost your social media response time and audience engagement

Keep track of all comments and messages on one dashboard. Reduce your social media response time by half and boost engagement in no time!

Leading brands trust Radarr to reduce social media
response time and boost engagement

Never let a social media comment or
message go unanswered

Bring conversations from all your social media channels onto one platform to monitor chats and comments proactively.

Connect all your
social media profiles and pages

Get started with responding to social media comments and messages by connecting your profiles and pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business and other popular platforms to Radarr.

View all unanswered comments and messages on one dashboard

Stop switching from one platform to another and manage all social media conversations from one dashboard. Stay on top of unanswered queries to reduce your social media response time!

Respond to comments faster with canned responses and FAQs

Create a set of standardized responses and replies to repetitive queries to help your team respond to followers faster.

Prioritize important conversations
on social media

Radarr uses machine learning and sentiment analysis to help you identify the nature of questions, comments and shares. 

Prioritize responses to negative comments to keep brand sentiment in check with smart alerts.

Reduce social media response time and boost engagement

Assign posts to agents automatically, create teams and easily group messages from your customers for faster responses from your Customer Service team

Why use Radarr for
social media engagement?

Managing brand presence and replying to comments on social media can be a daunting task when done manually. Radarr’s engagement tool allows you to: 
  • Monitor comments and messages in real-time
  • View unanswered conversations on one dashboard
  • Reply or react to comments and messages with one click
  • Identify audience sentiment behind conversations
  • Label conversations for prioritization
  • Measure audience engagement and customer satisfaction levels
  • Reduce social media response time
  • Auto assign messages to Teams or Agents

Two-way integration
with Salesforce

Identify best performing content, understand your followers and fan demographics and generate actionable insights for optimizing campaigns for better reach, engagement and conversions. 

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Keep track of millions of online conversations in real-time to extract actionable business insights.


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