Sentiment API

Get access to our best in class SentimentAPI and make sense of your own data sets, powered by world-class NLP. Integrate our tech with your marketing tools and applications for AI-powered sentiment analysis and so much more.
  • Predict campaign sentiment
  • Automatic entity detection
  • Create resonating experiences
  • Streamline conversion of content to data
  • Specialization in Asian languages and colloquialisms including Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Melayu, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Tamil and more

Turn statements into

concrete data in minutes

Extract the most important data points in content – the sentiment, the named entities from various scripts and platforms – with ease and speed. This lets you turn text like news reports, blog posts, and even tweets quickly into crisp data points.

Get expansive

language support

Specially designed for the global organization, Sentiment API supports over 45 languages, widening your horizons from the very start.

Analyse the sentiments

of your target audience

Uncover the unsaid by using our API to understand audience sentiments. Built by a team of data science experts, we continually fine-tune the API’s capabilities with an intuitive feedback system and machine learning.



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