Marketers worldwide have been crying foul about the sudden drop in organic reach on Facebook. As if marketers didn’t already enough problems, organic reach has become yet another issue to worry about. Before we share with your 10 tips that we\’ve got for managing a Facebook page, here are 5 issues that marketers should be paying attention to on Facebook.

Facebook Reach

One of the most important things that we should be doing is to succumb to Facebook advertising because at the end of they day, a substantial reach is what we need and 2% organic reach just isn’t going to cut it. That\’s the first tip and most important tip that we\’ve got for marketers who are handling Facebook pages.

Creating and Curating Content

If you don’t want to pay for reach on Facebook, you\’ve got to wow your audiences with the content you produce or the content you curate. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a meme or a humorous piece of content that has been created by someone else. As long as you know your audience will enjoy and share it, give them what they want. An even better scenario would be for you to create that content yourself. Also, don\’t develop cobwebs on any of your social media platforms. These days, the first thing that consumers do to learn more about a brand is to check their website or search for their Facebook page. Schedule 3 to 5 updates a day on your page to provide your followers with the information they want.

Focus on Customer Service

Secondly, more and more consumers are turning to brands online, especially social media platforms to voice out their opinions and share their feedback. Unlike Twitter, comments that are left on Facebook can be visible to anyone that visits that particular page. This could serve as a problem if negative comments or unsatisfied customers have expressed their disdain on your Facebook page. As a result, community managers need to be more vigilant and more \’human\’ on Facebook, addressing all feedback efficiently whether positive or negative.

Increasing Engagement

Engagement on Facebook doesn’t only come from interaction from your posts, links, videos or images. Get involved with Facebook campaigns such as photo or video contests where your users can participate by sharing their own photos and videos which in turn, can be used as user generated content. Fans love contests, especially ones that have a driving factor behind them (and a great prize).


Yes, analytics really is your hero. If you don\’t know what content your audience wants to see on your Facebook page, refer to your analytics to check out which type of posts and which type of content has garnered the most engagement. Also analyze when you should posting content for increased engagement.