Success of a brand page on Facebook is all about proportion, engagement, genre and strategy. We have already dissected the content strategies of XBOX and Intel on Beta21. The two brands are from different genres and have different target audiences. However, both content strategies address a wider consumer net to build brand equity.

Let\’s take a look today at an F&B company’s content strategy, more specifically, Dreyer’s Singapore – a page that we really love! It may not have half a million fans and be covered on Mashable every 25 days, but it’s definitely good enough for Beta21 to talk about!

Almost everyone in this world loves ice-cream. You might think that the content strategy is obsolete for a dessert brand like Dreyer\’s and acquiring likes for a post is quite easy. As it turns out, Dreyer’s has been attempting to find a perfect fit for a content strategy and faced a lot of obstacles through the way. Or so we believe – judging by the post engagement.

When you visit Dreyer’s Singapore on Facebook right now, you see a beautiful cover page with cupid aiming arrows at a heart filled with Dreyer’s ice-cream. This spreads the message that Valentine’s season is here, and you expect to see more exciting, graphical and timely posts as you scroll down.

Content Analysis

Dreyer’s Singapore, at the time of writing this post, has close to 10,500 fans on Facebook and an 120 people talking about the brand. Like most other pages, Dreyer’s Singapore is no exception to falling victim to the change in the Facebook algorithm, and as a result their page has seen a decrease in engagement over the last few months. And we really wish it didn’t. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and planning goes into the page’s content.

Fan Brand Evangelists

The page features a few branded images of happy fans trying out Dreyer’s ice-cream as a method of recommend the brand to their peers. Rather than using celebrities to spread the message, Dreyer’s has leveraged a slightly tweaked Word-of-mouth concept.


Consumers are more likely to heed the words of other consumers regarding product reviews. Although there are no written reviews, just a happy expression says it all.

Product Spotlights

Maximum number of Dreyer’s posts feature their product line. A very old yet effective strategy, posting enticing images of dessert with catchy captions has gained a lot of fans for brands like McDonald’s India or Ben & Jerry’s.


Thankfully, the number of Look at our product! posts are a lot less compared to McDonald’s, whose page we… err, were less than happy with in a previous review.

The Recipe Room

Ah! Every content marketer should know that you do not succeed until you invest your time in some thought leadership. Once in a while, Dreyer’s does share recipes for interesting desserts based on ice-creams for the fans to try. Although the idea is brilliant, content curation strategy does not really help the brand to build any equity.

A link to an external recipe blog is posted on the brand page. Not all fans would blindly like a link without visiting the website. Since it is an external website, anything they share will benefit the blog holder rather than Dreyer’s.

The Milkshake DIY is a great original post to promote the brand and Dreyer’s can use the same idea to replace linking recipes to external websites.

The Talk Back

Instead of redundantly posting something just to grab everyone’s attention, the brand also has a couple of posts that generate active fan participation.


The Guess What post is quite original in the making and visually appealing. It has however, failed to generate any replies from the audience because of ambiguity in the post content and the caption.

Decode the missing flavor seems to have generated a measurable amount of comments from fans unlike most of the other posts. Visual quite appealing the post has been described to be “fun” by one of the fans, and it certainly is one way of pulling crowd if not a “quality” method.


Activity-based posts like the Maze and Crossword encourages fans to participate in a conversation with the brand.

The Fact Fever

Every brand seems to be embracing the factoid post in their own way. A celebrity factoid like the one below about Rupert Grint is one of the most popular page posts on the brand page, while random facts about ice-cream or the brand seem to be irrelevant to the fans.

The Takeaways From Dreyer’s

Social media is not a sporadic activity: Everyone knows that you need to be more social on social media to be successful. If the brand is actively posting interesting content, fan acquisition becomes easy. If you have enough content, keep the number of posts a day between 1-3. It is well below the spam line and still manages to keep you in your fan’s radar.

Use the insights tool: The tactic of generating reach on Facebook is all about schedule. There is no point in scheduling posts at a time when your target audience is not online. The Page Insights tool fulfills this purpose by telling you all you need to know about your target audience.

Text and image get equal points: Original content and images always rule on Facebook and both need to have equal importance in a post. Ensure that the post delivers the message in a simple and clear manner for a common man to understand.

The DIY mania: Original posts are more appreciated and shared while compared to curated content. Rather than posting something from Pinterest or, brands can created their own DIYs from their image database and present it on their page.

Assorted Menu: Fans will eventually get bored after scrolling down a couple of times and seeing the same kind of posts. Include new and exciting inventories every month, contests, polls, reviews, testimonials and other such posts to stay fresh in the minds of your fans.