Radarr – The best social listening tool

Listen to millions of online conversations across the web and social media to understand consumers, predict trends and garner business intelligence.

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    Trusted by 1000+ Brands

    Listen to what the world is talking about 

    Know what people are saying about you, your brand, its products, and services, a competitor, or even an industry. 

    Identify trends and patterns in real-time to create engaging campaigns. 

    Monitor Everything

    Monitor what the internet says about you 

    Radarr tracks millions of conversations online to monitor brand mentions closely. We bring it all onto one dashboard to help you respond to customers in a timely manner and monitor brand health continually. Set up your customer service team for success!

    Build your portfolio

    Understand the sentiment behind conversations

    With sentiment analysis, Radarr helps you understand and segment positive, negative, and neutral conversations to remain crisis-ready. 

    Specialization in Asian languages and colloquialisms including Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Melayu, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Tamil, and more.

    Achieve your goals

    Uncover hidden insights from image analytics 

    Don’t just track textual conversations. Images speak more than a thousand words! 

    Radarr is the only social listening tool that comes with powerful image analytics. We help you uncover hidden brand mentions, monitor elements, and derive insights from visuals on the internet. 

    Build your portfolio

    Track campaigns closely to monitor ROI

    Measure the performance of your digital and social media campaigns in real-time. 

    Get in-depth actionable data to optimize ongoing efforts with better targeting and messaging to drive successful outcomes.

    Achieve your goals

    Stay ahead of the competition with industry benchmarking

    Get real-time updates and insights on the latest industry trends, and predict consumer needs.  

    Build a content and campaign strategy based on concrete data to stay ahead of your competition. 

    Build your portfolio

    Your all-in-one social media listening, monitoring, and analytics tool 

    Radarr helps brands take their growth strategy to the next level on the internet. 

    We equip you with in-depth insights from social media and thousands of other digital channels to form a comprehensive consumer view to tailor campaigns for better outcomes!

    Ready to find out what the netizens are talking about?

    Fuel your campaign and content strategies with real-time insights using Radarr.