YouTube has recently made updates to its API policies related to user privacy  user experience. Read below to get an overview of what these YouTube updates are and how we are making changes in 20/Twenty to make YouTube Analytics better for you. 

YouTube Updates & What It Means For You
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  • Better Viewing experience – Guaranteed
    We are making the YouTube viewing experience better by having a High definition and magnified video player right within our platform. We are sure you will love it. 
Enhanced YouTube Embedded Player For Better Viewing Experience
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  • More Accessible Information On YouTube User & Data Policies
    We have  updated our Privacy Policy and also included more information on what type of YouTube data we can track and store.
  • Dedicated Analytics Section for YouTube Data
    We have a new dedicated analytics section just for YouTube data.
  • YouTube Metrics On A Per Channel Basis
    Get metrics such as likes, comments and views on a per channel basis instead of just an aggregate so you can also compare channel performance with ease.
  • Focused Insights
Get more with YouTube Integrated analytics on 20/Twenty!
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Get the most out of your YouTube data and it’s universe with more information. This includes earlier unavailable data on subscriber gain and loss, audience demographics and viewing metrics and behaviors with 20/Twenty’s soon upcoming YouTube Analytics section. Stay tuned for it’s launch and get in touch with your Account Manager for more information.

  • Limited Access To Historic YouTube Data
    As per YouTube policies, 20/Twenty will only store YouTube data upto 30 days. Data beyond 30 days will not longer will available.
  • All in all, Circus Social and 20/Twenty are all geared up and ready to launch some exciting features to help you make the best of these YouTube updates, more enhanced social media analytics, and stay ahead in all your social tracking needs.

    Have questions or want to learn more? Simply get in touch with us HERE or write to us at info@radarr.com. You can also contact your Account Manager for a speedy response.