2013 has been a year of success for almost all social networks. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram taking the lead in various ways, there is much to learn from the developments of the past year to reform your 2014 social media strategies. Here are some awesome social media statistics that can help you gain the best out of your marketing campaigns.

  1. 4.2 billion people use mobile device to access social media sites

    Nearly 60% of world population is tech-savvy and mobile. Since social media is the No.1 web activity on the Internet, it is not surprising that most of them keep checking into social networks on their smartphones rather than desktops.

    What it means: Social media is still going to be the most popular web activity. It is time to whip out mobile marketing strategies and target audiences based on location, device and other niche options for an effective campaign.

  2. 25% Facebook users do not bother with their privacy settings

    Despite all the privacy violation issues and the fact that over 1 million websites have Facebook integration, a significant population of users do not seem to be bothered about protecting their online privacy. The reasons for this may be ignorance or pure \’don\’t care\’ attitude.

    What it means: You are all familiar with the Facebook reach concept. When a person like a page, their friends get a notification in their newsfeed and your organic likes increase accordingly. Invest in promotional campaigns on Facebook to increase your reach through users whose privacy is set to public. They are your brand evangelists.

  3. Facebook attracts nearly seven times the engagement on Twitter and more than any other social network

    Facebook has perfected the multi-device social media engagement strategy, keeping users engaged across platforms on their phones, tablets and laptops with integration in over a million websites.

    What it means: Facebook is still the greatest lead generation platform on social media and requires substantial attention while compared to other social networks.

  4. 93% businesses and marketers use social media

    The popularity and immensity of social media has made it a tool for marketing campaigns. Over the past few years, social media has proven to generate double the leads of any other promotional campaign like PPC, email marketing and more.

    What it means: It is important for brands to reach out to customers directly through social media rather than opting for a \’pull\’ campaign. Increasing social media visibility by spreading through various social networks and posting regularly can help brands stay in the minds of followers and convert them into customers easily.

  5. Women check out a brand page more than men

    If we compare social media statistics, we can see that women are most active on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram while men are more active on Twitter and Google+. This is based on their very nature. The former three networks showcase highly visual content that drives users, especially women, to frequently check the brand page for more updates. Twitter and Google+ are more text-based and have news-related updates showcased every hour that is attractive to men.

    What it means: Target social networks and demographic based on the personality of the brand. Knowing your audience will help you tailor strategies accordingly. 

Stats for 2014!

  1. The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is 55-64 year olds.

    Trumping common notion that only youngsters are socially active, the demographic of people above the age of 45 is growing on all social networks. Since 2012, this demographic has shown an increase of 79% showing that older users are getting more social savvy.

    What it means: Most social media strategies are targeted towards the demographic between 18 and 35 year olds. It is now time to structure your campaigns for older users as well.

  1. 80% of total pins on Pinterest boards are repinned content

    The Christmas buzz about the success of various Pinterest boards struck a chord in those trying to find out what the 16,000+ odd pins a week were about, we dug and found out that most of the top Pinboards have pins ranging from 20 to over 3000 and still manage to have thousands of repins everyday. This just illustrates the virality of the social network.

    What it means: Use Pinterest for your business and integrate it with your website and product pages. You can be assured that your pins will eventually get repinned.

  2. 57% Pinterest users discuss and share food-related content

    Visual stimuli is indeed the most powerful when it comes to food. Pinterest acts as a perfect platform for various people and businesses in the F&B industry to share images of food to draw people towards their websites for recipes, products and services. Images of food are warm with multiple dominant colors and great contrast that has proven to be a few important factors for repinning.

    What it means: If you are in the F&B industry, utilize Pinterest to the maximum potential. It will greatly help you in driving traffic towards your website.

  3. 28% Retweets on Twitter are made because of a call to action like “Please RT”

    This comes as no surprise since most people are driven to respond to a call to action. It is similar to the Facebook “like or share” strategy. It serves as a motivation factor that immediately urges users to share or RT the content.

    What it means: Use it! This trend is definitely going to see an increase and you can make use of the extra retweets received by using two simple words.

  4. Over 5 million videos are shared on Instagram within 24hrs of their launch

     Instagram is one of the few social networks that is integrated across many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. The ease of access to pictures and videos minutes after launch, right from the sets and premieres has acquired many brands millions of followers and increased activity.

    What it means: This is an excellent network for those in media and showbiz acquiring followers quite easily and driving traffic to your target

The trick to social media success in 2014 lies in integrating all these social media statistics to create a cross-platform campaign that will increase the visibility and reach of your brand. As you can see, any brand can benefit by being on various social networks. You would just have to tweak the strategies accordingly to whether the network attracts more users based on images, texts, infographics or videos.