Coca Cola as a brand has carved a niche for itself and has become ‘yoda’ of sorts for fellow Community Managers and Social Media Managers alike. We recently did a story on how Coca Cola benefitted from its visual branding strategy and needless to say the brand’s fresh perspective on engaging content has kept its users on toes, something you can’t overlook for sure!

Movement Is Happiness

The “Movement Is Happiness” campaign was conceptualized by Coca Cola to induce ‘activity’ by making Singaporeans enjoy various activities and eventually endorse healthier lifestyles. Coca Cola engaged its audience through unique ideas like setting up activity stations that allowed short physical activities thereby inducing movement. The brand also took the initiative of taking this campaign online through a social media route.

To boost the ‘activity’ quotient online, Coca Cola Singapore tapped into music as its chosen channel and linked it to simple day-to-day activities of individuals. The campaign gave its social followers an avenue to stay connected with their favourite music while indulging in their daily activities, thereby increasing its engagement.

Facebook App

While the campaign was a great thought in theory, it was put in action by a nifty Facebook app. The app allows you to create you very own “Happiness Playlist” in three easy steps by logging on Facebook. One can pick an activity from the list that includes plethora of choices that range from the mundane “Daily Commute” to more exciting like “Shop Hopping” creating playlists for almost all your daily activities! As of May 21st, the app has already received close to a thousand playlists made.

Create Your Own Playlist

You can pick up the length of your playlist and even customize it further by entering your favourite artist (Can, it get better than this?)

The The Facebook Campaign Landing Page

Once you enter the required details you get your own playlist!

Create Create Your Own Playlist

Vote For Songs

Coca Cola also kept in mind to interact with its audience and therefore gives its followers an opportunity to vote for the best songs for each happy activity!

Vote Vote For your Favourite Happy Activity

The app is integrated with Spotify API for the playlist generation and you can check it out here.

Accepting healthy lifestyle cannot be enforced on individuals. However linking it to daily activities without hindrance is what Coca Cola achieved and is clearly reflected in its data.

Customized Facebook Apps

While many brands engage in activities like contests, sweepstakes and the likes for audience engagement, a customized App always stands out! A Community Manager therefore should not shy away from experimenting with the same. This wonderful campaign by Coca Cola is just a gentle reminder of endless possibilities in the field of Social Media.

This app for Coca Cola was designed by the able team at Circus Social and if you are looking at an exciting and customized way of connecting with your audience (and somewhere feel like Bob ;)) it’s time for you to say hello to them here!