The best alternative to Social Studio for social listening


Radarr is a powerful social media listening tool that helps brands with:

➔ Track business mentions across the digital landscape (social media, forums, communities, and websites)

➔ Monitor and measure digital campaign ROI

➔ Crisis monitoring & real-time alerts for brand management

➔ Analyse audience sentiment for better engagement

➔ Measuring public relations & corporate communications efforts

➔ Identify top influencers and track key opinion leaders

➔ Proactively respond to your audience

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    Trusted by 1000+ brands

    Listen to what the world is talking about l Radarr

    Listen to what your audience is talking about

    Know what people are saying about you, your brand, its products, and services, a competitor, or even an industry.

    Identify trends and patterns in real-time to create engaging campaigns across the digital landscape

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