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Listening to what the internet has to say since 2012

We’ve been analysing online conversations for over a decade. Our clients use Radarr to uncover unique insights, make data driven decision and track their brand & competitors in real-time. 

What can you do with Social Listening?

Get ahead of trends
Every trend is an opportunity for you to reach thousands of potential customers. We get you insights on trends even before they become trends
Track competitiors

We keep a track of your competitors’ social media activities. We find opportunities in what they are and aren’t doing so that you stay a step ahead, always

Find the right influencers

How hard is it to find influencers who talk about your niche and are followed by the right audience? We make that job a lot easier and quicker for you

Create content that attracts followers

Create content based on insights, not instincts. Radarr lets you  analyse the entire social media ecosystem to give you topics and ideas that are most likely to go viral

Create relevant and relatable marketing campaigns

Launch clever marketing campaigns around what your target audience is talking about and track ROI effectively.

Understand your audience

How does your audience feel about your brand? How do they interact with it and how do they share it?

How do they talk about your competitors? Never miss a step with Radarr’s real-time tracking and audience insights.

Social media is bigger than you imagined

The world spends a total of 645 billion minutes on social media every single day. That’s 645 billion minutes of interaction, comments, posting, conversation, and opportunities. We use advanced AI to analyse these conversations and derive concrete, numerical and actionable insights that can help you make better decisions. We track mainstream platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, forums and niche platforms like TikTok, Naver, Reddit, Twitch and so much more. 

Users on social media platforms

Avg. Time spend on social media per user per day

We speak the language of the world

Our platform is designed to support over 140 languages so that you can harness the power of social listening, no matter what part of the world you belong to and what language your audience speaks


We give you Enterprise grade social media intelligence at SME friendly prices. Sign up for your free trial now! 

Featured Case Studies

Data is nothing but numbers if you are not able to weave a story and create meaningful insights.
Radarr - Case studies

Protect your business from threats

A single review can go viral and turn into a problem. Identify threats at an early stage and address them before they become a crisis with real-time alerts and updates

400k+ Satisfied Customers

Real-time alerts, especially regarding negative mentions, have allowed Hong Leong Bank deal with crisis situations quickly. The team has also been on top of any banking industry related news by getting alerts for industry posts that received gained high traction.


Pricing for one-person startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.