Command Center

A smart data visualisation tool for social media and digital content to offer real-time insights for branding and marketing.
  • Identify and predict trends
  • Create timely content and campaigns
  • Monitor social media and digital efforts
  • Track brand health & performance
  • Data and content visualisation so you can see everything at once

Get your scoop on daily

social media and news activity

Listen to the latest conversations on social media and the news. Get a quick summary and find the most important information you need to grow your brand in minutes!

Track brand health

with accurate KPI monitoring

View all your key brand health metrics such as overall sentiment, conversation trends and more on one dashboard with easy-to-understand insights.

Monitor all your

ongoing campaigns in one place

Ensure your campaign is responsive and reaches the right people. Make your ad buys work smarter and foster long-term connections with your audience.